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BREAKING: Saudi Ministry of Hajj fix cost of Tents services, Hajj Visa, Adahi for 2022 Hajj

Saudi Arabia has fixed SR300 (31,030.80 Nigerian Naira) as the cost of Hajj visa for this year’s hajj. Independent Hajj Reporters reports that,

document released today by the South Africa Hajj Regulatory Body SAHUC and posted on its social media handle shows that each pilgrim will pay SR109 (33,240.75 Nigerian Naira) as the cost of health insurance for 2022 hajj The Ministry set the cost of Adahi (Compulsory animal sacrifice for Hajj) through official channels is SR809 (89,639.22 Nigerian Naira). The cost of Tents services inclusive of meals and drinks for the 5 days of hajj in Mina and Arafat is put at SR5, 655.23 (584,930.58 Nigerian Naira) and the United Agent Fee at King AbdulAziz International Airport is SR1132,75 (117,089.55 Nigerian Naira) while the same fee at Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport is SR982.10 (101,574.15)

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj compulsory payments exclude the cost of pilgrims Air Fare, accommodations in Makkah and Madina, Feeding in Makkah and Madina, Transportation within the Kingdom (Car syndicate services), security deposits, Pilgrims suit cases, uniforms, and other charges.

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